Network Marketing 2.0

It’s a new way to look at network marketing. In today’s market, the best way to reach out to the customer is either face to face or through social media and the Internet.

Network Marketing 2.0 is about building personal relationships in the 21st Century and using all the tools offered in this digital age. It is a universal truth that we enjoy working with people that we like and trust, and so building relationships are not just good for the soul, it is great for business. Bioxyne International believes in rewarding our Independent Business Partners who talk with their friends and acquaintances about our products and we are proud to be able to offer a lucrative compensation plan that is easy to understand, easy to stick to and will fit into your busy lifestyle.

For Bioxyne International it is essential for us to keep the business simple and easy to understand. Therefore our compensation plan is based on some simple steps that will reward you for your effort as you build your own business.

Easy to get started

Step 1

Find three customers who just want to buy our products – Retail sales

Step 2

Find three people who will become
Independent Business Partners (IBPs)

Step 3

Help your 3 Independent Business Partners find their own customers and IBPs

How to Earn